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Problem: Listen port changed in nginx.conf
Hello all,

I'm Giovanni, from Italy.

I'm a new user of Moode Audio, and I'm trying to make it work on a Raspberri PI 3 B+.
I changed the nginx.conf file, in manner to change the Listen port from 80 to a different one; of course, now I get the "Integrity check failed" error, and cannot access anymor my library nor the Radio stations (cause MPD does not load correctly).
I know that Moode check the nginx.conf crc, and that now my nginx.conf cannot pass the test.
Is there a way to update the crc moode audio does expect for the file, so I can use it modified?
Please help me, I'd really like to have adifferent http port for Moode.
Thank you in advance.


PS: I searched the forum, but found nothing.
If the question has already been answered, I apologize; but, please, address me to the informations, if there is any.

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Listen port changed in nginx.conf - by croccodillo - 12-17-2019, 10:51 AM

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