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Problem: Listen port changed in nginx.conf

A deeper research in the forum led me to the solution.
Quite easy, I would add.

So, after you modify nginx.conf, you have to instruct Moode Audio to do not raise an error on the modified file, but to only warn us about it.
So, open your ssh terminal (or use the web ssh page) and run the following two commands:

sudo sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db "DROP TRIGGER ro_columns"

This will grant you the rights to run the following command:

sudo sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db "UPDATE cfg_hash SET ACTION = 'warning' WHERE PARAM = '/etc/nginx/nginx.conf'"

That's it.
From now on you'll receive a simple warning about your modified nginx.conf file, but everything will work flawlessy.

Thanks to the guys that started the following thread, where I found the solution:

HEllo all!

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