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Newbie (lost)
(12-22-2019, 04:24 AM)Vaejoviscarolinanus Wrote: I am just getting into this and I have ordered a allo digione sig with Moode installed on the sd card. I am a Tidal ($19.95) subscriber. I have been streaming with my iPhone and iPad with a camera adapter into the DAC. I am looking for something better sounding and that I can control wireless. I hope that I am going on the right path. Should I control my streaming via IPad or a tablet ( PC) ? I looked at the information at the beginning of the forum and it was like Latin to me. I hope I am not in over my head with this. Please advise.

The wireless control can be equally mastered from an Apple, Android, Linux or Windows platform. You're not saying which DAC you are using currently... maybe this where you may need to concentrate your attention, a better DAC.

If you are struggling with geting MoOdePlayer installed the first port of all should be the SETUP GUIDE ( )... It's in plain English.

On a different note... it's never too late for learning Latin (or Greek or both)... Big Grin

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