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Problem: Can no longer resolve Moode.local on my W10 pc
(03-22-2020, 03:22 AM)Lizard_King Wrote: I just accessed it successfully on my mac mini which i uses OS X Mojave , I tried both Firefox ans safari and they can access Moode.local. Why has my Windows 19 PC stopped as it used to access it?

My W10 v1909 PC does not connect to the two RPI running now (2 and 3A+) with any browser on the address http://moode  or http://moode.local but it DOES connect if I substitute 'moodeXYZ' with the IP address of the said RPi devices. I do not know when this connectivity quirk has started as I've connected to MoOde RPi via the allocated IP address or fixed IP address for a long time.

Is the problem on your W10 PC still ocurring on any browser you use regardless the connection link syntax (name or IP address) ? If now it's only happening on Firefox only I recommend resetting the browser or, if you don't want to lose any settings, cached data, etc) download Waterfox which works very similarly to Firefox as it based on the Mozilla platform.

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