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Problem: Can no longer resolve Moode.local on my W10 pc
I'm not a Windows hater but I do think the inmates have taken over the asylum in Redmond. I can't keep track of their updates these days but, seriously, this is a Windows issue, not a moOde or even a Linux issue.

.local ==> mDNS, not DNS is the intended resolver. 

Apple was an early player in developing mDNS (calling their implementation Bonjour, first shipped in 2002!) while Microsoft didn't get around to implementing it until Windows 10 (ca 2017). I guess they're still trying to get it approximately right.

The open-source implementation of mDNS is called Avahi. It's baked into moOde via Raspbian.

You can search the web to find various HOWTOs on driving a stake through the Microsoft implementation and installing Bonjour (instead) or you can find Windows forums to discuss what happened with your update.


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RE: Can no longer resolve Moode.local on my W10 pc - by TheOldPresbyope - 03-22-2020, 11:29 AM

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