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Tired Ears
(04-02-2020, 04:27 AM)CallMeMike Wrote: Get rid of the distraction Smile Listen to the music through a headphone amplifier and reasonably good over-ear headphones... Even the most hard-hitting distraction when I'm listening to music, that is my Better Half, has to walk right up to me and tap on my shoulder in order to get my undivided attention  Angel
Yup, I have a pair from AKG that I use a lot through the dedicated headphone circuits of my Ruark R2.  I do like the less claustrophobic feel of listening over speakers as well however.  It is a different auditory experience for me.  I hear different things through speakers and headphones, so it depends on my mood (and whether my wife is moaning about the "racket" I'm listening to Smile)

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