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new problem with upmpdcli Tidal plugin
(05-29-2020, 09:36 AM)minionas Wrote: My playlists in Bubble which were made when Moode tidal plugin's token worked, are not working even if Bubble has my Tidal's credentials inputed and Moode's deleted. So i must choose a particular song in my old playlist, select "Show album" and then to find the same song there and then only it's played in Moode as only upnp renderer.
So it's still possible to listen to Tidal, but it's so much hassle with those playlists..

PS my sniffed token is also 40 characters long and is not working btw..

My Tidal playlists work fine so I don't understand, are these playlists of yours on Tidal or saved pls files?
On BubbleUPnP I would pick the [Local and Cloud] library, then [Tidal] > [My Playlists] and my playlists are there and play on any of my UPnP renderers (Moode, Kodi, Denon AVR, Panasonic TV).

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