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new problem with upmpdcli Tidal plugin
(05-29-2020, 09:59 AM)dcottone Wrote:
(05-29-2020, 08:17 AM)kris_jag Wrote:
(05-16-2020, 08:35 AM)dcottone Wrote: Hi guys, 

I don't know if this post can help, but with the method described here I was able to obtain a new token and have the upmpdcli Tidal plugin working again.



Did someone succeeded in obtaining working token with the guide linked by @dcottone? I followed it and was able to obtain token from my Tidal Windows app, but it is 40 characters long, not 16 as token in and file modified with this 40 characters' token do not work...

Kris, as suggestion:

1) logoff from Tidal Windows app
2) start the application mentioned in my previous post
3) logon again in Tidal from Windows app
4) use the search function (Find: "X-Tidal-Token"/ Search: "Requests and responses"/ Examine: "Headers and bodies") and you will find the correct 16 characters value.


Yes, it works too, @dcottone! This is even better solution because I will use my own token, which should not be revoked (I suppose at least not so fast?).
Many thanks Daniele for help!

I found 16 characters token under:    /api/public/events

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