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Idea: USB keyboard
(05-16-2020, 05:57 PM)hpspt Wrote: Just an idea :

Can we remote control Moode audio with a normal USB keyboard ?

The goal isn't to use a real keyboard...
The goal is to dissassemble an old PC keyboard, remove case, keys and everything except the little print board (and USB cable).
Connect it to Raspberry and solder some pusbuttons to the keyboard print board in such a way that the print board see the letter A B C or anything else.
Then pressing the first pushbutton for Play/Stop, second for Next, third pushbutton for Forward, 4 : Volume+, 5 : Volume- and so on.
Anybody test this ?
Any suugestion? idea ?
A low cost and simple way to ad pushbuttons on the raspberry music reader case.
Is there a direct way or a simple trick to remote Moode with keyboard ?

This usage is no different in principle from the various USB controllers we've already tested with moOde and either Python helper scripts (the old way) or triggerhappy (the new way). Just another configuration file for triggerhappy and you'll be good to go.


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