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pi3 sd card vs Pi4 wifi or ethernet sq
All solid and respectful and reasonable responses and I cannot disagree.  A lot of what I discover in audio 'for me' does appear to be insane since I have no reasonable explanation for it, but I can assure you to the extent that you will believe me, that I am not looking to be proven right or wrong once I test any changes in the system.  As much as possible, I try to remove confirmation bias and I've run into many instances where some expensive component or tweak ended up sounding worse to my ears and the cheaper option turned out to sound better in my system.  But ultimately nothing can be proven because there is no way for one person to get inside the head or perceptions of another.  Even the shape of people's ears and ear canals can lead to different people hearing different speakers in dissimilar ways.  But like you said, as long as we are happy then that's all that matters.
I had once instance where my system just sounded magical, whatever that means.  It had depth and tonality and was amazing to listen to and I really enjoyed it.  Then I said "I'm going to make it even better!"  So I replaced the wire from the IEC connector inside of my my linear power supplies with a VH Audio Airlok silver wire of the same gauge.  These wires had done wonders for my DAC and I was replacing the wire from the IEC to the PCB inside a power supply, probably 2 inches of wire.  Did all the work, put it back together and was so excited to listen to the 'upgrade' after removing that stock 'crappy generic' wire.  Talk about egg on my face, the whole thing went straight to hell.  All the 'magic' was gone and the depth was no more and the tonality shifted and no longer sounded realistic 'to my ears.'  I've made many such discoveries and mistakes along the way.  Just happy to meet someone on the forums that doesn't resort to personal attacks and call people crazy for perceiving things differently.

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