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No wifi with USB dongle on RPi ZeroW
(06-29-2020, 06:44 PM)bvanloock Wrote: Hi all,

FWIW. I'm using a RPi Zero W with MoodeAudio 6.5.2. It  was working with the build-in wifi, but due to the location of the RPi Zero I have to use an external wifi USB dongle to get something of wifi signals received. But after disabling the build-in wifi, I had no network connection anymore. Seems a wifi driver for the RTL8188 was missing.

After running /usr/local/bin/install-wifi (with sudo) the driver was installed, loaded and wifi was working again !! 

I thought this could be of interest when somebody would have the same problem.

Cheers, Ben

Glad you got it working. There are more than one rtl8188 chipset and drivers: rtl8188cus, rtl8188eu, etc. I'm curious which one you needed. (It seems like the rtl8188eu comes up a lot.)


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