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Problem: Hard drive location and backup
I've been using moOde for a few months and love it.  Actually just sold my sonos connect as I prefer the customisation available in moOde much more.

I have two questions that have been bugging me.

I'm currently running an ethernet Nas with about 600gb of flac (about 1200 albums). The raspi 4b is connected via wifi (ethernet in the future when I get under the house and run some cables). Is there any advantage to running my media library on a direct USB 3 drive?

Secondly, I currently edit my library in a USB drive connected to my Mac, then use rsync to copy and sync to the Nas. This way I always have a backup. If I was to go down the direct USB connect option how would I go about setting the raspi doing an auto sync and using the Nas as a backup?

Btw, I use USB audio out of the raspi directly into my integrated amp dac.

Any suggestions would be great


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Hard drive location and backup - by tassiepete - 07-01-2020, 07:02 AM

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