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Solved: Can't access Moode on Digione Sig Player
Probably best to just reimage the uSD card with a fresh download of moOde and start from the beginning using the moOde setup notes.

If you must keep working with the card(s) you already have, then one has to ask: did you change the hostname during your configuration efforts? If so, then use it instead of 'moode' (or 'moode.local') when trying to connect.

Some simple approaches to connect (since you apparently ruled out a problem with the Ethernet switch):

1) Leaving your moOde player connected via Ethernet, go to your router's administration panel and look at the list of hosts on your LAN. (Read the manual; every router vendor has their own approach to this.) The list may contain just IP and MAC addresses or it may also include hostnames. If you find a likely entry, try connecting to it using the IP address instead of the hostname, e.g., or whatever. If you get connected, fix the player's configuration. Alternative to the router admin panel: use 'fing' or a similar app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or iMac to find the hosts on your LAN.


2) disconnect the Ethernet cable and reboot your moOde player. It should come up in HostAP mode. Go to your iMac, phone, tablet, etc., and use its WiFi manager to look for the 'Moode' access point. Associate with it and then connect to as described in the moOde setup notes. Then fix the player's configuration and revert to a wired connection.


3) in extremis, connect an HDMI display and USB keyboard to the RPi3B+ in your DigiOne and log into the command line on the root console. To reconfigure from the command line takes some Linux moxie, so this is the least desirable approach. Better to just reimage.

Good luck.


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