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Problem: "Share cannot be blank" message when trying to add Music Source on Pi 4
(07-25-2020, 01:01 AM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote:
(07-25-2020, 12:41 AM)vbarter Wrote: I tried to add a Samba network drive as a new music source but I keep getting "Share cannot be blank" messages. How do I trouble shoot this? I'm filling in all the details but there's no additional prompts regarding a share?? My Moode is on a pi zero, samba server on a Pi 4, both dietpi.

The path name for a Samba source is a combination of the server hostname and the share name.

For example, I have an OpenMediaVault NAS with hostname "OMV-HC1" which publishes a share named "Test", among others.

This source would be identified by the pathname "OMV-HC1/Test".

If I specify the path by just the hostname "OMV-HC1", the pathname isn't accepted and I get exactly the "Share cannot be blank" pop-up message.

If I specify the path with an incorrect share name, "OMV-HC1/Tset", say, the pathname is apparently accepted but is marked with a big red X mark.

Best to use the scan function to get the list of possible pathnames but be forewarned that it includes bare hostnames as well as fully-qualified paths.


That worked perfectly, my share was called DIETPI, so I just added the local IP before it with the slash.

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