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Loading up albums - speed issues
(07-28-2020, 10:16 AM)DRONE7 Wrote: DeZtiny's easy Moode installation hasn't been updated by the O/P since 2018.

Download the current MoOde image 6.7.1 and write to a uSD-card with Etcher then use it to boot MoOde and use the configuration tabs to set up via the UI.

Mike's advice is good   Wink

Hi Drone7,
Sorry for the late reply I was driving. Right, thanks for noting and letting me know about the update !!!..More time saved with this little gem.
When you're new to forums, like me, by default, you know nothing or very little about the project/topic etc, so to get help from those who do know is a massive help for an newby. So thanks again and I dare say I' might be back again over the next few days if I get stuck Smile Smile...

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