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Moode and MagicMirror2
Hello all!

I´m for the moment tinkering and building a magicmirror for those who not know
In that you can add diffrents modules/apps built for magic mirror.

So I wondering, can I use this so I can get song and track info if just punch in my moodeaudio device IP-adress and port?
See link to this magic mirror mpd module mmm-mpd module.

Does it also display track info when I use Moode spotify or moode upnp?

My local music library is connected with usb to my rpi3b+ moodeaudio device.
As an bonus maybe I can see the audio input/output info from mpd, or this info doesnt the mpd handle ?

I continue with this thread,

Yesterday I installed module above, , on my way to my goal I discovered that if I punch moodeaudio device rpi3b´IP,
in  firefox I reach mpd-page saying mpd 0,21,20`ish OK , nothingelse So IF mpd have been configuerd to show track and artis it should been seen at page, , yes?

Is it now time for me to get inside moodeaudio mpd and change things in mpd-config, is that possible to do or I dont have access to it?

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RPi3 v1.2 -> IQaudio Dac+ -> Luxman L430 -> [url=]Sonab Oa12[/url]

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