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Official moOde 7.0.1 support thread
(02-02-2021, 02:03 PM)Rees86 Wrote:
(01-31-2021, 12:45 AM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: @Rees86 

20201223 083541 worker: Pri DNS (::1)

What's up with this? Although the Raspberry Pi OS supports IPv6, moOde doesn't make any explicit use of it (and not all of its functions are guaranteed to work in the face of it).

Something is telling moOde to use an internal IPv6 DNS resolver ('::1' is the localhost loopback address in IPv6).


Hi Kent, that was just the clue I needed to fix the issue!  I turned IPv6 off in my gateway and now the issue is gone.  Doesn't fix the underlying issue but at least I don't need to mess around with the Moode installation to get it working.

(01-31-2021, 01:24 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Whenever Corporate networks are involved don't expect to get a free ride to the Public internet from your unapproved Raspberry Pi host, lol

The OP post though suggests that it's not necessarily a locked down Corporate network, hard to tell from the post.

Hi Tim, luckily it's not much of a corporate network.  I'm one of the owners and also the IT / Windows / Network admin so I was able to go into our gateway and turn off IPv6 assignment.  

Thanks the quick responses from both of you!

Glad to hear you found an easy fix but ..."also the IT / Windows / Network admin"...poor you! Big Grin


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