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Official moOde 7.0.1 support thread
(02-03-2021, 07:15 PM)Mark Dirac Wrote: Thanks. That worked - but only regarding the issue of the playlist not advancing, not the issue of the OP "Missing cover art".

Why did you suggest that? As a workaround, or because you know of something that has changed in 7.0.1 which might have impacted BubbleUPnP when using UPnP only?

The version of the code used in moOde to provide UPnP renderers was updated in v7, and it now offers both UPnP A/V and OpenHome options, so the moOde interface now lets you choose.  The OpenHome renderer appears to accept an entire playlist where as the A/V one appears to send things one track at a time.

I have found that BubbleUPnP seems to "remember" attributes of renderers even after they vanish or change and so when changing things in moOde I would either need to wait for quite some time, or quit and restart the BubbleUPnP control point (maybe more than once) before it behaved properly.

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