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static playing high bitrate FLAC files
(01-18-2021, 05:46 PM)poodytang Wrote:
(01-18-2021, 06:10 AM)DRONE7 Wrote:
Quote:external hdd connected to the pi directly

How is this powered ? From the Pi or using a dedicated supply ? (If the former you probably need the latter...a powered USB hub sized for the hdd would be advised)

What USB DAC or HAT are you using ?

(01-18-2021, 05:27 PM)DRONE7 Wrote: This does appear to be a power supply are trying to power the PI, a Hat, and a Hard Drive from one supply.

Put a powered USB hub between the Pi and the USB DAC and see what that brings.

I am using a 24v/2.5a power supply to the pi2aes hat which powers the pi as well, is this still not enough current? I will try the powered hub if so

2.5a is not even enough to power a Pi4 (requires minimum 3.0a) let alone all the other items!. No wonder things lag and glitch.

I would recommend removing the AES hat if its not being used (your Pi will run much cooler too) and getting the official Pi4 power supply and a powered USB hub.

Most Hard Drives quote their average power draw but start up and seek operations can draw much more current. A separate supply for your current Hard Drive will be more useful than replacing it with an SSD.


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