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Problem: structured music library artwork
Regenerate is only necessary if you truly want to start from scratch. The "Update library" process runs the thumbnail generator in update mode which means that it skips generating a thumbnail image if it's already been generated (exists in the thumbnail cache). It's usually quite fast.

I don't really understand your folder structure or where your images files are stored but the Thumbnail generator looks in the directory containing the tracks for a cover image file. It can be named Folder|folder|Cover|cover with extensions including jpg|jpeg|png|tif|tiff. If it can't find any files with these names it looks for any file name with the aforementioned extensions. This assumes you have "Cover search priority" set to "Cover file" in Preferences. If it's set to "Embedded" the Thumbnail generator will first try to extract an image from the last track in the containing directory. If that fails it goes looking for image files. Similarly if the option is set to "Cover file" and none is found it will look for embedded image.

We do have a TODO list item to make use of image files in the Artist directory of an Artist/Album directory structure but it's not getting much priority given the other items on the TODO list.

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