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Licensing and ESP32 Compatability
The moOde image [moOde] consists of moOde sources and components, RaspiOS and packages, Raspberry Pi firmware and Linux kernel each of which are covered by various licenses and distribution terms.

Moode sources for example are generally GPLv3 licensed with a few individual files MIT licensed. Component parts for example shairport-sync is MIT licensed, MPD is GPLv2 licensed, etc. Refer to each individual component for exact license and terms.

RaspiOS, its packages, Raspberry Pi firmware and Linux kernel are covered by various licenses.

moOde is developed specifically for RaspiOS and the Raspberry Pi family of SBC's and will not run on other platforms. The minimum recommended platform for good overall performance of moOde is the multi-core, ARM7 based Pi-3A+.

Consult with an attorney for legal advice on what your obligations are under these various licenses. Note that the GPL in particular requires that if any modifications are made to GPL licensed sources the modified sources must be provided to anyone that requests them.
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