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Solved: Auto-Shuffle not working in combination with "folder" Tag Filter
Thanks for the hint, Tim!

Indeed it is possible, yet with a trick to circumvent the standard behaviour of the Advanced Search web interface.

The trouble with the current interface is that it puts each search string into a "contains" context. To enable regular expressions, however, it is necessary to use "=~" instead.

Fortunately the interface can be cheated:
  • When you enter <some-string> into the Folder field, it is internally translated into (file contains '<some-string>').
  • Since the contents of <some-string> is not restricted, it is possible to enter
    nas') AND (file =~ 'nas/nas-station/music/(some-folder|other-folder)
  • Which gets translated into
    (file contains 'nas') AND (file =~ 'nas/nas-station/music/(some-folder|other-folder)')
  • Bingo, it works!  Smile 
Not straightforward, though. Idea: Perhaps it is possible to enhance the Advanced Search page with a freeform field in some future version of Moode? This would enable direct access the underlying MPD functionality.

Thanks again & best regards


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