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Idea: Column: Composer
That's fine. Would be nice to have a Toggle for every Column and the Possibility to create new Columns and as much as you like, like you can do it in Audirvana - What i mean is a free configurable Column Browser.
Some Users only listen to one Genre and can be happy with (Album) Artists and Albums . If you listen to several Genres and own a big Library you need more. For Example: I want to listen to Igor Stravinskys "Le Sacre Du Printmpes". I own more then 10 different recordings of it and the easiest way to select one, or to compare two or three of them is the Option to preselect: Classical>Composer>Work>Artist> Albums.

... but, the Toggle in the Artist Column will also help.

Kind regards and thanks a lot for your busy developing. Today i'll donate some Bucks ...

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