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What software and plugins use the ALSA Loopback device (Moode >= 7.1)

I was wondering which software or plugins on Moode (>= 7.1) use (or might use) the ALSA loopback device, and which Loopback subdevice they use, and whether they include options for selecting a different subdevice.

My reason for asking is that I share a program (mpd_oled) that includes an audio visualiser (spectrum analyser) and to do this it needs a duplicate copy of the currently playing audio. I have previously been providing a patch for Moode to enable MPD to make the copy, but I will no longer be providing this patch, and will only be providing an ALSA method, which will require configuring and using the ALSA Loopback device.

I do not want the configuration instructions and script I provide to interfere with any other applications using the Loopback device, or for their configurations to interfere with mpd_oled, and so I am trying to find out if this is likely to be an issue and how it might be avoided.


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What software and plugins use the ALSA Loopback device (Moode >= 7.1) - by adrii - 03-19-2021, 08:29 AM

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