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Can you get "audiophile" sound using a native RP4 USB port into a DAC?
No, I do not have experience, but here's some comments:

I have looked for months for a reliable review of RPI4 vs. Allo USBridge Sig. Nothing. Surprising.

I would guess that with a good DAC such as you have, that you would not be able to hear any difference. In theory. Since buying my USBridge Sig, I have bought an RME ADI-2 DAC. In theory, this has excellent attenuation/rejection of noise and jitter. As do all modern decent DACs nowadays, I am led to believe.

Now, I have not compared my RME DAC on RPi4 vs. USBridge Sig. But, I have compared USBridge Sig vs. a (probably) very noisy high-speed Intel NUC PC (their "Skull Canyon") via USB. And I can hear no difference. Using high-resolution Sennheiser HD800S headphones. I probably would not have bought the USBridge Sig if I had known I would be buying my RME DAC.

I reckon my Allo USBridge Sig + RME DAC sounds absolutely fantastic. In reality, some of my satisfaction probably comes from the irrational psychology of knowing that with the Allo (instead of a naked RPi4) that the DAC is performing at its absolute best. So this may for others be some (superstitious?) justification for taking the Allo route.

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