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Can you get "audiophile" sound using a native RP4 USB port into a DAC?
@ rebbi

I have an Allo USBridge Sign connected via USB to a RME ADI2 FS DAC.

And if you can/will hear a difference is very much depending on your gear, your room and your ears.

On the Allo USBridge Signature you have a "clean" USB out and a normal USB. I can hear a difference between these 2 USB outputs on my RME DAC.

But, one needs to understand the rest of my system to understand how I come to this conclusion and why I hear a difference.

Contrary to many members on the RME forum and RME themselves this DAC benefits a lot from an upgraded linear power supply. I did an DIY powersupply with 25VA trafo and 15.000uF filtering caps followed by 20.000uF storage caps adjusted to 12,8VDC. I can hear the effect of changing the brand of the final bypass cap of 10nF.
The RME only draws approx 600mA at 12,8VDC, which is less than 8 VA.

On the Allo USBridge Sign. I had originally the Shanti LPS, but changed this as well to a better DIY power supply, same as above, only adjusted to 5,1VDC output. Switched off in moOde all functions except MPD and UPNP. In this operating mode the USBSig draws approx 700mA at 5,1VDC, which again is less than 4 VA.

There are endless discussions about USB cables and if they sound different. In my system - Yes, this is why I use a JCAT Signature USB cable (900€/1m).

And I use Audirvana on my MacBookPro to stream to the Allo USBridgeSign. This makes an audible difference to i.e. mconnect via UPNP to moOde.

And I do have a lot of other tweaks, dedicated power supply lines for Amps and separate  powerlines for source components, treated listening room, etc, etc,

So under these conditions I do hear a noticeable difference.

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