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Can you get "audiophile" sound using a native RP4 USB port into a DAC?
(04-02-2021, 01:04 PM)TheBats..... Wrote: How should that even change the zeros and ones that the DAC uses to generate analog signal? Huh
If you have a source that can output using both USB and s/pdif sources and feed to a DAC that uses both. You can switch among the two and likely confirm that the two do not sound exactly same. 

Many can tell you the change of the digital connect wire between the transport and DAC would affect the sound too. If you agree with the above observations, then there may be more to it than bits is bits is bits. Huh

A number of things are different, not saying which is the item that affects the sound signiture. Such as, the current draw is different, the controller/process to operate each may differ. I do not know how it is affected, I can only tell you that there is a difference in sound. If you want to test a RPi  with a CF(compact flash) card vs a SD card, and you cannot hear any difference, ignore what I have said and enjoy the music. Else, report back and let us know what do you think.

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