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Can you get "audiophile" sound using a native RP4 USB port into a DAC?
(04-12-2021, 10:42 AM)mxpwladimir Wrote: Hi @Jandu,

I'm looking for some clever advices, how to start ......
Just get a RPi4, 2 gb or bigger if you have a lot of music, burn(BalenaEtcher) a copy of Moode onto microSD card, plug in card, power supply, internet cable, hdmi (only to determine IP address), plug in USB A to B cable and off you go.
Once you are up running, catch the IP address on your screen or use a program such as Fling(android) or Netscan(Win). Go to a browser, enter the same IP address then following the Moode interface/guide. From the browser, you can step thru process to authorize wifi, get access to your file system, configurate the usb connection, etc. 
If you need further instructions, private message me and we can go thru it. Most who are on this web forum are experts and we don't add much for repeating the process here. 
Once we get the basic going, to improve the sound quality, we can talk about different methods.

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