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Can you get "audiophile" sound using a native RP4 USB port into a DAC?
(05-01-2021, 02:50 AM)Jandu Wrote: Sound quality is determined by many factors. Some better understood, some not as much. If you believe a different USB cable would change the sound, you would understand that it's not just the 0s and 1s that count.

Hi Jandu, short question: do you have any basic knowledge about physics and maths, plus some basic understanding of computers?

If it would be the case, you would immediately stop telling this nonsense, as soon as you had a look at how the data is transferred over an USB cable. In case you have the required skills (which I doubt), please check the wiki page about pulse density modulation which is the method used to transfer data over an USB port from a network streamer to the DAC.

It takes more than some random noise to have an influence on anything in the data chain here. And yes, all that count are the 0s and 1s, but to explain this a bit in detail you would have to understand maths like fourier transformation, which I also doubt you know what this is.

So please keep your religious aspects (I believe there is more than 0 and 1), but keep these ideas to yourself, so others don't waste money by buying snake oil like you did. At least I agree on one of your points: "some better understood, some not as much", with an emphasis on "not" on your end.


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