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Problem: Pi4 and Library Update - never finishes?
Hi, I recently set this up (using X400 v3.0 + with Raspberry Pi). I get things set up - pointing at a NFS share, and then do Update Library, and wait. I then come back later to check on how it's doing, and the page is unresponsive, page does not refresh.

I can no longer ssh in, nor even ping. So I power off and back on, and try again. After starting up, I see a fraction of my music library seems to be indexed, or in the most recent case, nothing at all seems to be in the library. I kick off update again, and it seems to do the same thing - eventually, I can no longer reach the pi over the network.

Is there anything useful to try to look at to determine what is happening here? Is my library (1.1T) just too big? Other than setting timezone, setting up wifi ssid/password, setting the audio config for X400 v3.0, and adding the nfs mount, it's stock config. Just now, I've turned on the debug logging to see if that might shed any light in logs. I've poked around a bit in /var/log after a restart, but nothing stood out (to my noob eyes).

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Pi4 and Library Update - never finishes? - by seanleblanc - 03-27-2021, 04:34 AM

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