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Multiple DACs
I haven't updated to moode 7 yet, it's on my list of things to do, but I was interested in a possibility of the new CamillaDSP component included in moode 7.

Currently I have a fairly standard stereo DAC fed into a hardware splitter board that produces a 2.1 output to pass on to a stereo amplifier and a subwoofer amplifier. I plan to upgrade the DAC as I'm currently using a Pi2Design unit which has some issues and isn't compatible with Pi 4. So it occurred to me that there's maybe an opportunity to use CamillaDSP to do the 2.1 splitting in software and pass the result to 3 DAC channels.
I'm not aware of any 3+ channel DAC HATs, but is it possible to interface a single Raspberry pi to multiple stereo DAC HATs to obtain the required number of output channels? I was considering using Ian Canada's ES9038Q2M units, but I'm more interested in whether the idea is possible at all than in a particular hardware configuration at the moment.

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