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which power supply for raspy+topping?
5.1V/0.7A was what I got when doing some tests with a pi4 and Moode installed on an sd card, using the internal wifi dongle for data exchange.

What I would recommend is a reliable power supply for the raspi with a focus on as much reliable as possible. No cheap Chinese thing which overheats and burns down the house. If you are from Europe, Leicke is s good choice, like this one here: . I have several Leicke PSU versions in use, mostly to power laptops, the router or the backup server, and all of them are high quality and low power consumption. They also don't get hot and can run 24/7.

DAC is a different thing. Here you need to consider it generates an analog signal as output, and this signal (plus the quality of it) is directly linked to the stability of the voltage the PSU is producing. Here I am currently also using a Leicke (Topping DX3 Pro DAC) but I'll upgrade it to a linear power supply. I am thinking of something like this one here: which is considered as good, especially for the price. Allo Shanti would be another option, but it already costs twice as much. And if you want more, feel free to look around. You can spend thousands of dollars on such a piece of gear.

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