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Is the on-chip volume control on the ES9028/38 supported by Moode??

I've got an Allo Kali / Piano 2.1 setup at the moment feeding straight into a power amplifier (no pre-amp). Bypassing the pre-amp gave an big improvement in sound quality so i want to avoid having one in the future.

All the dacs that i've used (RPi HATs) have been based on the PCM15** chips and they've all had 'hardware' volume control (built into the chip itself?) so as the volume is turned down there isn't a huge loss in sound quality, I listen at very low volumes (about 10%) so this is a big benefit. All of these dacs have suffered from clicking at start of playback though and I'd like to try a Sabre ES90** based dac. These ES90** chips don't usually have an on-chip volume control (I think only the latest ES9028QM2 and ES9038QM2 have), i don't want to use a pre-amp but if i use 'software' volume control it will lead to a big reduction in sound quality at my usual listening volumes!

I notice that Moode now supports the Allo Katana which uses the ES9038Q2M, including being able to use the volume control on that chip simply by selecting 'hardware' as the mixer type just like on the PCM51** dacs that i currently use.

If i got an Audiophonics ES9028Q2M or ES9038Q2M and selected the 'ES9028' driver in Moode, could i then just choose 'hardware' for the volume control too or would i be limited to 'software' volume only??

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Is the on-chip volume control on the ES9028/38 supported by Moode?? - by ken300 - 08-11-2018, 04:44 PM

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