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Mislabled SOX result?
Hi all... been away for a while.  

Have been so busy with work, I haven't done much listening or looking around the 4.2 and update versions since I changed over to them.   Sad

Last night I did a fair amount of fixing that (listening, anyway) and besides rediscovering how more quality music just might save my sanity in the face of things lately...
I also noticed something odd in the reporting of the output stream data rate.

What I see is when I look at the Audio Information screen,  no matter what bit depth I see,  I see 32bit output.  The bitrate matches what the input rate is reported as.   If I use SOX,  I see the bit rate changing,  but not the bit depth that SOX is supposedly resampling it to. It still says 32bit,  even though I'm resampling it to 24bit/*.  As I recall using the * would leave the bitrate the same as original,  so that was expected  but I'm surprised by the fixed 32bit depth.

Am running an Allo Boss 1.2,  RPi 3B 1.2,  Moode 4.2  2018-07-11.    Hmmm,  shouldn't that be 07-18 if the update worked?

I'm not sure if this is just a reporting error,  actually what's going on,  or what.  I am pretty sure I remember the reported bit depth and rates corresponding to what SOX was set to earlier,  after I already had the Boss.  Not sure if everything was the same after 4.2 and updating 4.2

Just did a check with more settings.  Sampling the RP radio feed,  incoming at 16b 44.1kbps,  SOX set for 24b 192k,  gives 32b 192k.  Setting to 16b 88.2k gives 32b 88.2k. At least the bitrate changes. 

Not hearing issues with the sound,  just wondering what's going on in the background.

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