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Problem: Setting Max volume
1. Is there a way to ensure that any other MPC controllers can't push past 20 volume? I don't want to accidentally blow out my eardrums or my speakers.

moOde uses custom routines to provide the nice volume options which are an integral part of its WebUI. Other apps would need to provide their own volume options. You should contact the maintainers of these apps for support.

2. Also, is there a way to calibrate a max volume, i.e. 0dB reference, and still let the software volume go up to 100, just that this 100 is relative to the calibrated max (and not the absolute max the DAC can put out)? As 20 steps of volume doesn't provide as much granular control.

Not possible.

Maybe try a high quality passive volume control. There are a lot of choices in this space.
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