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Loud ticking noise when music is paused/shift song
Thanks again Tim Smile

I have came across the products from Ian before and they are very nice. I have thought of buying his Isolator Pi to improve and SQ and because of the u.fl. connectors as well.

I am only having this click noise when playing music from the Pi -> I2S switch -> reclocker -> DAC. When I use SPDIF to I2S converter board from Twisted Pear Audio there is no clicks at all; SPDIF/I2S -> I2S Switch -> Reclocker -> DAC. All is with the same wires. 
It is like there is some kind of signal "hanging" from the Pi and that is maybe interpret wrong by the reclocker board. I am not sure about this Smile ! Thats why I thought of "programming" something that could pull the mute pin high on the DAC when the music is not played. I do unfortunately not have those programming skills Wink  

There are no clicks if I pause a song within the last 2-4 sec. of the song...

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