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Issue with deleted Stereo Test File
(08-31-2018, 01:52 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Then most likely the code that generates the Library is missing a case to handle a "no songs" condition. I'll add to the TODO list to investigate but low priority since its rare to not have any songs.


I can repro this condition with a fresh install of r42. 

1. After install, the only configured source is the SDCARD so the only track present is /mnt/SDCARD/Stereo Test/LRMonoPhase4.flac
  • The Browse view lists four entries: USB (empty), NAS (empty), SDCARD (only the one directory and file), Default Playlist.
  • The Library view lists the one track per its metadata.
2. Delete the file and rescan/reset.
  • The Browse view still lists the four entries; under SDCARD the Stereo Test directory is listed and empty.
  • The Library view lists an unknown/unknown/unknown track as @poposchmatzer identified.
3. As well, delete the /mnt/SDCARD/Stereo Test directory and rescan/reset.
  • Now the Browse view list only one entry, the Default Playlist.
  • The Library view continues to list the unknown/unknown/unknown track.
Operationally, it doesn't matter but it feels odd that the Browse view drops out all three empty device directories here where before it was happy to list two empty device directories in order to get to the third, non-empty SDCARD directory.

This post doesn't need a response. Just something to keep in mind when you get to this item on the ToDo list Rolleyes


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