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Instruction Guide How to setup SiriusXM

It's good to hear you were successful.

I was a little puzzled, though, that you have four installation steps where I had been able to get the proxy running after only the first step.

This afternoon I looked inside the packages. It turns out that The current sxm-player package in the Python Package Index (PyPI) [1] has as prerequisites sxm>=0.2.8 and anyio==3.*

Hence, when one executes the sudo pip3 install sxm-player we see in the command output that sxm-player 0.2.5 gets installed and so do sxm 0.2.8 and anyio 3.3.3. It does no harm to install the latter packages again separately but it's redundant.

With that out of the way, what's with idna? Well, it turns out anyio 3.3.3 has a prerequisite of its own, namely idna >=2.8

Here it gets tricky: pip3 discovers there is already present idna 2.6 but reports it is unable to update it to the version currently available in the PyPI, idna 3.3 because of missing information.

It would seem in my tests that sxm-player/anyio don't use idna so in some sense it doesn't matter. (That's not surprising since SiriusXM is a USA/Canada service so international domain names don't come into play.)

Digging deeper we find that python-idna and python3-idna have already been installed in moOde, not by pip/pip3 but by apt as  prereqs for other packagtes including upmpdcli.

My solution is to leave existing versions alone and force pip3 to update the Python3 version of idna to the latest version as well, which seems to work. 

So, in place of your four steps, I believe the following two are sufficient.

sudo pip3 install -U idna
sudo pip3 install sxm-player


[1] aka the Cheeseshop for you Monty Python fans.

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