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AIFF playback issue on moode 4.4 with MPD 0.21.3
May not be the explanation in this specific case, but I just came across this gem while searching for something else in the upmpdcli documentation

Quote:You should know that MPD has difficulties with some formats when accessed through HTTP which is how the Media Server transfers the data.

Specifically, WAV and AIFF files, especially with samples wider than 16 bits are a frequent source of trouble (because they are little used and little tested for streaming). Support will vary depending on the MPD versions and exactly what input plugins are configured (among ffmpeg, libaudiofile and libsndfile). Often, the same files play just fine locally, it’s the combination of HTTP access and file format which causes problems.


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RE: AIFF playback issue on moode 4.4 with MPD 0.21.3 - by TheOldPresbyope - 12-15-2018, 07:12 PM

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