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Remount stored NAS shares from cli?
(12-23-2018, 10:37 AM)challenge Wrote: Hello, 
is there an easy way to tell moode to remount the stored network shares and refresh the UI from command line interface?

Sometime it happens that my shares are down (they're virtualized on a server with a lot of other stuff).
As now I have a systemd job on moode that wakes up the server if ping is not successful and then, as a dirty fix, the server tells moode to reboot when samba share is ready. All of this via ssh.

It works, but a remount without reboot would be much better (and quicker).

I mean the "Re-mount all NAS sources" thing that we can trigger from the UI, I would like to automate that.


Have a look at /var/www/inc/playerlib.php. The UI "Re-mount all NAS sources" event triggers an invocation of the function wrk_sourcemount() with the argument "mountall".

As my thesis adviser used to say, "the rest is left to the interested student."


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