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Problem: Bluetooth Connection, MPD Error, Auto-Reconnect

first off all, sorry for my bad english!

I recently set up MoodeAudio 4.4. 
Everything works fine for me. Could not find any error for my purpose so far.

However, there is something that bothers me with the Bluetooth connection.

If the Bluetooth connection is, so far everything works well. Cancels, however, the Bluetooth connection, for example, that the battery is empty, or just the speaker is turned off. Then there is always an MPD error. I understand this mistake, and understand why this error is coming up.

However, it´s very difficult, when the speaker is charged / turned on, then it takes quite a while until the connection is back, or you have to scan the speaker and pair it again. 

Is there maybe a solution here?

It would be nice if the connection is automatically reconnect, and then it just goes on with the music.

I have Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth Speaker in 2 different rooms.

Means, turn on speaker, run in the other room, and start everything again.

Is not a problem for me .. My wife will never accept that.

I just listen to Internet radio streams, it would be great for me, if just as soon as the speaker is available again, the music continues to run.

Maybe there is something in the settings, and I just do not find it, or maybe it's a bug ... Maybe that's not possible?

Thanks for the help!

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