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Problem: Bluetooth Connection, MPD Error, Auto-Reconnect
It´is not every time, that i have to reconnect manually, but the most time of it. 
But every time the connection is lost, i have to restart the currently playing radio stream. Especially at the moring. 
One of my bluetooth speaker does not turn into a sleep mode. but the batterie drain is to much over night. There is just 1 morning i can listen to my music. next day the batterie is emty. 
another bluetooth speaker turns into sleep mode after i think 10-15min (jbl go)
here is the same problem. i cant turn it on and the music is automaticly playing. 

Maybe this one is possible in other versions. i think there is a feature request for the developer. 

is it not possible to install a query, if the bluetooth speaker is available, play the last music... else, wait for it?

another solution could be. if bluetooth speaker is not available, stop mpd and wait for bluetooth speaker. if bluetooth speaker is on again, start mpd.
This could be a solution, that mpd dont run into any error. so mpd just have to stop.

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RE: Bluetooth Connection, MPD Error, Auto-Reconnect - by wusa88 - 01-11-2019, 09:49 AM

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