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Problem: Missing Radio Manager in
Just upgraded from 6.x to 7.1 by doing a fresh install (completely re-imaged the SD). Everything works except...

How do I add/remove radio stations? I don't see a Radio Manager under m -> Configure -> Library (that page only lists Music Sources (and says "None Configured" here), Music Database, and Thumbnail Generator). I don't see anything on the home screen that helps, just the list of the default stations.

Feeling that this should be super-obvious, but having just spent 30 minutes searching the UI and this forum, I can't find it.

Hi the M menu there is a quick help.... but to speed things up a little if you tap/click on the album art in the main player window this takes you to the library and click on Library there will show the Radio tab where you can manage stations. Smile 

Do read the Quick Help as it has some great info !


Thanks, Bob!

I figured it was something obvious - like clicking on the biggest thing on the screen or reading the help...


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