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Problem: emu 0404 usb no auto samplerate switching
I connected to raspberry pi 3 with moOde emu 0404 usb, the sound is great, but auto samplerate switching does not work. It is necessary to switch through alsamixer. How can I solve this problem?
Sorry for my English.
It appears that this requires a kernel patch that has not been applied upstream:

The post at the second link is very recent, so there may be some action on this.

If you are confident about compiling your own kernel, you could try applying the patch yourself:
Thanks :-) That explains it.

Just a matter of time before it makes it into the Raspberry Pi Linux kernel.
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I made it! I am the guru of Linux))) @rhizomusicosmos , thanks for information! It is a little more search in google and I have a new kernel) @Tim Curtis  thanks for excellent software, moOde pleases me again.

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