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Change size of bottom buttoms?
Hi there,
first off all thanks for the good working piece of software.
Right now, I trying out several packages. My Pi3b with the original 7’’ display should be used as mediacenter for playing radio and my music collection. I have started with RuneAudio and Volumio but I think MoodeAudio is the best choice so far.

The setup was smooth – I got everything up and running in roughly two hours. This does include modifying the radio list: getting rid of not wanted stations and adding my favorite ones including icons. I saw that there are upcoming improvements for the radio station handling. This does make sense. Adding radios station icons is a little bit tricky.

I do have a hopefully simple question: is there a way to enlarge the size of the bottom buttons (Radio – Music – Playback)? They do look nice on my 10’’ tablet and of course on my PC monitor but on the 7’’ inch display they are a bit too small.

Any way doing this? Is there a CSS that controls the size?

In addition, I think perhaps it would be a good idea to allow the user to control the size of the buttons.

Thanks for your answers

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