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Plexamp Support
Hello - I've searched the forum but can't find anything which relates to this question.

Theoretically could I install Plexamp within Moode to give me the ability to throw my Plex library at my Moode player/s? It's the only missing functionality that I need to access my large PMS music server and stream around my house.

Sorry if this has already been addressed.

so, I attempted installing this tonight via the steps outlined in this post.

Step 2. was a little confusing - fortunately I had already installed a version of plexamp on my mac so I had a server.json file stored locally. I assume this holds the login details for my PMS server. I SFTP'd it to my pi otherwise I'm not sure how you'd complete this step.

Quote:Get a server.json file from existing Plexamp install, install in
. Sign out and back into your existing install to get a new identifier/token.

It seems to be working quite nicely with the Plex app on my Android device. This was all I really required - the ability to browse and play my remote music library using the app via my RPI2 + Hifiberry DAC. It has quiet a nice interface for playing music from the library.

[Image: jYhHV2U.png] [Image: 6yJfSUB.png]

Would this be something that could be implemented into Moode player natively? The ability to configure Plexamp via Moode UI would be awesome. Not to mention volume control + multi-room etc.

Have fun!
thanks, I've been looking for something like this. I've been a long time Plex user and it certainly has an appealing UI etc and would be a great addition to the growing list of powerful features in Moode. 

I was able to install plexamp using the instructions you linked to and it works...very well in fact! Only thing is it doesn't seem to let go of the ALSA device and I can't play anything else on Moode. Perhaps I hosed something on the install.
happy it worked for you. I also recently found that quirk out too. It has been quite annoying

Would be great to see the Plex amp feature added to the moode options officially one day
A second here. I haven't tried plexamp yet, because I don't want to lose the ability to cast Spotify to the player. I don't think Plexamp supports that. I'd like to be able to cast both Plex, Spotify, and all the other services to the player. So, I second this thread!
I'm on a Raspberry PI 3+, and Allo BossDAC
Plexamp is not Open Source and so not possible to include support for it in moOde.

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