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Instruction Guide Adding radio station with logo to Moode
How to upload your .png file to / var / www / images / radio-logos? Win SCP can not get root.
Connect winscp with pi user.
Copy files under /home/pi.

Connect with ssh then sudo cp or mv
Has something changed in 4.2? I put the resized pngs in both logos and thumbs underneath. I get the new stations, but no artwork!

See the new database file.

179||WRTI Philadelphia 90.1 - Classical||local
180||WRTI Philadelphia 90.1 - Jazz||local
181||WWOZ New Orleans FM 90.7 - Various Artists||local
182||Zappa Stream Radio||local
183||Zen FM||local
186||Pure Jazz Radio||local
187||WGUC Jazz||local
From the Release notes

- UPD: Convert radio logos to JPG with thumbnails

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(07-15-2018, 03:31 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: From the Release notes

- UPD: Convert radio logos to JPG with thumbnails


Thanks, that works. BTW I really like cover view.
Likewise. I always have it running on my iPad Mini while another instance of moOde is running the main UI on my Mac Air.

Its the brainchild of @swizzle :-) I just added a bit of plumbing to allow it to work independently of the main UI when moOde is running on multiple clients.
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Hello, no idea yet why, but last moodeaudio update (4.2 Update 2018-07-18) broke manually added radio icons on the playback tab (not in radio tab).

Any clue what to do before I'll broke something in SQL LOL
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The update replaced the entire cfg_radio table so if you have manually added rows in the table they would have effectively been nuked. Whenever new radio stations are added to the table on my end the update will always replace the table. This is to ensure the integrity of the Radio Station feature.

At some point there will be a UI that enables add/edit/delete user created stations with logos and thus will automatically add/edit/delete rows in the cfg_radio table. In this design, user added stations would have their own block of id's which would enable me to avoid reloading the entire table and only update the default block of stations.

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Is the procedure outlined in Post 1 still valid for the updated 4.2?

Followed the steps without issue, including putting 100x100 jpegs into both the logos and thumbs directories. Can play the new station but no logo. Other default radio stations working fine and showing logos.

Also, Tim, it might be an idea to show in the View or Install popups the actual command you have to use (sudo /var/www/command/ r42) when updating from the command line in Check for Software update. Saves having to dig through the forum.

Keep up the great work....

I have a Pi Zero W with PiZeroAudio-DAC and the latest Moode 4.2. I added 3 stations with logos (no thumbs), like discribed in the tutorial above, but the stations won't appear in the radio tab.

"sqlite> select * from cfg_radio;
183||WWOZ New Orleans FM 90.7 - Various Artists||local
184||Zappa Stream Radio||local
185||Zen FM||local
186||Beach Love Radio|if exists:permalink otherwise:empty|local
187||radioeins|if exists:permalink otherwise:empty|local
188||inforadio|if exists:permalink otherwise:empty|local"

Search for the stations results in an empty page. In Moode 4.1 on my Pi3 B it worked.
Do I have to add thumbs, that Moode will show my added stations?
Any ideas?

Thanx in advance & regards
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