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Idea: About Random

After using Moode a couple of months, I can surely say that it's robust and way more user friendly compared to Volumio.

There is 2 points for which I'd like to have your point of view.

# 1 : random playing modes

It appears that I use a lot the random feature that plays a random song from the entire library when the playback is finished, this is like having a personal radio.
Sometimes I need to go back to normal random feature (MPD) that randomized play in the playback list. But to do this, we need to go in Configure > Audio, trigger random switch, and I think it would be a better way to switch from normal to all library randomize.

Maybe, when clicking on the random icon in the playback panel, we could have a popup list to choice between "Random playback (and stop when done)" and "Random Playback (and continue with library)", or something like that.

# 2 : random in a genre

For now, there is no way to listen to 1 genre in random order, like having a thematic personal radio. I don't know how it could be done and if this could be working with thousands of songs in 1 genre added to the playback.
Or another way could be radios automatically generated from each genre. In the Radio Panel, 2 lists could be shown as subpanels : Web Radio / Local Radios ?
I often want to listen only Jazz in the evening or Reggae in the morning with just one click/tap, randomly played.

What do you think ?
Thx for reading Wink
For #2 try the Auto-shuffle filter in Customize :-)
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#1 - I don’t want to do a pop up menu there but it would be possible to do a three way switch that switched between random off, random:queue, and random:all, just probably not for the next release.
Thx for your answers.

@Tim Curtis : I did try this, but it does not work. I've tried to type "genre Reggae" but auto-shuffle takes any songs in my library, not only Reggae.
Anyway, if this has worked, this is really not user friendly to go type "genre XXXX" each time I want to shuffle another genre (-_-)'
The idea to have automatically generated radio from genres, or a way to add all songs from one genre to playback and then shuffle it might be really usefull.
Don't you need sometimes to play only one genre randomly in one tap/click ? Smile

@swizzle : yes the three way switch could be really cool !
Very odd. I just tried "genre Reggae" from my collection and it works perfectly.

You can also turn Auto-shuffle off and then from the Library click a genre and then click the moOde cover and play the entire genre as-is or randomly by clicking the Random button. The drawback to this is that if there are a huge number of tracks added to the playlist it will really bog down the UI.

It's a great idea but the usage scenario "automatically generated radio from genres" does not seem to be generally applicable.

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Thks for your answer Tim.

I've made a fresh install and retry the "genre Reggae" filter but it still does not work.
Anyway, the trick you describe works fine : click on genre Reggae and then on the moode image to add to playback as clear/play. It works smoothly with 2500 songs, so it's perfect Wink

Still hope that for point #2, a three way switch for random play will land in a future version of Moode !

By the way, do you have any little idea for 4.5 version out ?
The moOde crew is skipping release 4.5 and going straight to moOde 5 which is targeted for release in March :-)
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Hi moOde fans,
Nice ! Can't wait for it ^^

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