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Volume change with analog potentiometer_problem
(04-23-2019, 12:32 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Hi,

What are the advantages of having an Analog POT + ADC board over just going with a Rotary Encoder and moOde's built-in driver?


I initially used the ADC board only for adaptive button illumination, then decided to connect the analog POT. The analog POT + ADC board has its pros and cons.
- smooth volume control;
- the rotation angle is less than 1 revolution, as on a conventional amplifier, which allows you to sharply reset the volume to zero;
- in my city analog POT is much easier to find than an encoder.
- only the amixer volume is adjusted, the volume in the player itself remains unchanged. But for me it is irrelevant, because I mainly use the player without a browser using the IR remote control, buttons and the encoder.

I tried several types of rotary encoders, but none of them satisfied me completely.
Of the minuses:
- unpredictable volume control, depending on the speed of rotation;
- with fast rotation, the volume control is almost absent;
- by the position of the knob it is impossible to determine the volume level, you have to open the browser, which is not always convenient.
It's my personal opinion. In my projects, I use the combined DAC + AMP boards (Justboom, IQaudio) due to the compactness of the installation, so I use the analog potentiometer more conveniently.

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