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Album Track Ordering

Hi all, first post and all that, so go slightly easy.

The power of google has found me other people with the same issue on other forums, however it could not find me a solution.

Running Mo0de 4.1 on a raspberry pi 2B 1GB v1.1 with Hifiberry Digi+

So, I have a huge library that I normally play via DLNA, but in order to have the library in Mo0de, I have added it via NFS.

The first thing I notice is that all of the albums in library view seem to be sorted in somewhat random order. Adding them to the play list adds them in this order as well. I would obviously like them to be in track order - it clearly sees the track numbers, but seems to ignore them. I cannot find any setting to change this, either.

I have just noticed it might not have added the whole library, so going to try adding again, but this seems rather odd. Everything *sounds* great, but having some issues getting things to work as intended on the UI front.
I saw this, once the lib is fully the scanned the ordering sorts itself out.
The Library will be incomplete if its opened before MPD database update finishes. To remedy this, open Source config and then RESET library cache.

Enjoy the Music! | |
Cheers Tim, Silkie

I did the update, and walked away for a fair while. Came back and the icon had stopped spinning, but it clearly hadn't finished. Second time was the charm clearly, however I do have a HUGE library (29131 tracks, 2606 Albums, 2339 hours, 44 minutes)
I wouldn’t call that a huge library at all.

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